It is better to travel well, than to arrive…

My mantra for this entire journey, that I am embarking on….


I have plans to begin my Peace Corps service one year from now…and I am just getting started in the process (filling out application, researching, etc.) I can’t believe that soon I will be leaving for TWENTY-SEVEN months on a beautiful journey through a new and exciting country. My main goal while I am there is to become fluent in whatever language they speak, really connect with the community I am working with, and gain some valuable skills and knowledge for my teaching career. I am so ready to start this adventure….but I know that it will have its rough moments.

This blog will serve as my love letter to the education process and to the country in which I will be assigned.

It will also serve as a way for my family to not completely lose their minds (i.e.- my mother). :) I want them to be connected with me on this journey as well. I want the readers of my blog to get invested in the work that I will be doing and really look forward to the posts I make.

In the beginning I will only post once a week, as not to bore everyone with my incessant chatter about the application process…hahah. Once I arrive in the country and I am really immersed in the culture, I will be blogging three to four times a week; as much as possible. I plan to take lots of pictures to share.

I will be remembering this quote as I navigate this journey over the next three years….I hope you will remember it too.

Traveling Light & Living Well,


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